Kohler-Andrae Welcomes Your Pets 

The Friends of Kohler-Andrae care about the safety and enjoyment of the park for you and your family, and we know your pet is another member of the family. Pets are welcome in many areas of the park. These include the beach area north of the Nature Center, along park roads, the Black River Hiking Trail, the Black River Marsh Boardwalk, the Marsh Trail, designated sections of the Kohler Dunes Cordwalk, the Fishing Pond Trail, as well as at your campsite.  

Pets are not allowed on the beach south of the Sanderling Nature Center, playgrounds, picnic areas or buildings. Please do not leave your pet unattended, and your pets must be on a leash no longer than 8 feet.  This will ensure pets safety and happiness. We thank you for cleaning up after your pets and provide dumpsters and trash receptacles on site.  

Helpful Tips: Bring food and water 

Be mindful of hot temperatures while having your pets in your vehicles 

Choose good locations to tie your pet in the campgrounds 

Check dogs for ticks 

Dogs are less prone to barking at strange noises if kept in your camping unit at night